Schweinsteiger may be settling in well at Old Trafford, but he sure hasn’t forgotten his country, and has recently expressed his desire to take his teammates out on a beer guzzling trip to Oktoberfest.

Schweinsteiger, who became the first German to play for United after transferring from Bayern Munich in a £14.4 million deal last month, and wants his teammates to have a taste of Bavaria. Revealing that he’s trying to convince captain Wayne Rooney to take them, he said, “I spoke to Rooney and discussed the possibility of me inviting the team to Oktoberfest but I don’t know how much time we’ll have.” And there might actually be the perfect amount of time in the eight days between United’s games against Sunderland on September 26th and Arsenal on October 4th!

He definitely loves his beer:

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Oktoberfest is the largest ‘volksfest’, or people’s festival in the world, attended by around 6 million people every year. The famous beer festival and travelling funfair runs for 16 days in Munich, Bavaria, starting late in September. Tourists from all over the world flock here to taste some amazing beer and yummy local food, and Bayern players are actually regulars to the festival.


Here’s hoping this happens, because it looks like a lot of fun:


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