A 4 year old’s drawing led her dad to go ahead and create a completely new festival.

Marcel Mingers, founder of the Extrema Festival in Holland, is a unique dad for sure. When his 4 year old daughter came up to him with a drawing saying “Mandala Festival” and a personal message, “For Julia and Papa and sweet people,” he knew he had to make her dream come true.mandala-drawing


Resulting in a festival like no other, the Mandala Festival is an organically grown dreamscape, conceptualized by artistic creators and volunteers among others. The event will feature music, art, games, workshops, sports, yoga, wellness activities and other colorful entertainment. The highlight of the event is that instad of massive stages, there will be natural gatherings amongst 13 uniquely themed tribes. The concepts behind 7 of the tribes have already been announced with more details coming up.


Reminiscent of Shambhala or the Envision Festival, there will be no barriers between the campgrounds and festival grounds allowing complete access and freedom to attendees. The festival will be located on hundreds of acres of luscious green country, complete with a beach, a pool, and vast reaches of enchanted forest with secret tree houses in the Dutch town of Wanroij.

As a family friendly festival, there will also be an option for a separate campsite for people with kids and other luxury lodging or teepees. It will also try to be environmentally conscious by upcycling waste materials generated at the festival.