Stating that  USA has a lot of music festivals would be an understatement. From one-day shindigs to huge camping ones, the country has several festivals encompassing all kinds of genres. If you’re looking to visit, here are the states you should frequent if you’re a festival buff!

Graphiq, a data visualization company, took it upon themselves to count the number of popular, well-known music festivals in each American state, and the results are as follows. (Hover over the interactive map to reveal the numbers!)

The list comprises of 210 festivals distributed across all the American states, and leading the pack is California and Florida, with a staggering 24 festivals each! New York comes 2nd, with 17 festivals.
Though the statistics are as accurate as they can get, data isn’t included for 12 states. According to Forbes, the Californian festival Coachella grossed more than $84 million in ticket sales, selling 198,000 passes, according to Billboard. This year’s festival sold out within an hour. On the other hand, Florida’s prime festival is the giant Ultra Music Festival that happens in Miami every year.
Only if these many festivals happened in out country. For that, we’ll have to wait and watch!