New artists have been added to Bacardi NH7 Weekender’s roster and it’s better than we anticipated. 

For those who were hoping for more from this year’s lineup, this is it. Bacardi NH7 Weekender’s Facebook page just revealed SBTRKT  as one of the artists OML’s bringing down to India for their epochal indie festival.


For those who’re essentially clueless about SBTRKT, the phenomenal British electronic artist, here’s a glimpse of his incredible music.

The other addition to the lineup includes Mogwai, the near-brilliant post-rock legends from Scotland. Needless to mention, we’re all pretty ecstatic about this.


The previously announced lineup which included massive names like A.R. Rahman, Flying Lotus, Mark Ronson and more, looks even more stellar now. Listen to some of Mogwai’s music below, if you haven’t already below.

Both SBTRKT and Mogwai will be playing at Pune, Delhi and Bangalore editions of the festival this year. Apart from these international additions, homegrown acts, Feyago (who will play at the Kolkata edition of the festival) and emerging experimental rock act Akummika (who will play the Shillong edition of the festival) have also been added to the roster. View all the new additions to the lineup below!


Check in soon for more updates about the festival.