Tuesday was quite the day with Bacardi NH7 Weekender’s lineup being revealed through the day, right from the start of the day till all the way to the night! Here’s what you can look forward to. 


First the good news – NH7 has brought in some pretty sweet international names for its 2015 edition! And by mixing them up with quality homegrown acts, Weekender has ensured quality lineups for each of the cities, even newbie Shillong. Each city has some exciting names to look forward to!

All electronic music fans are sure to send a note of thanks NH7’s way with their inclusion of American experimental electronic act, Flying Lotus. The buzz over the producer and rapper’s inclusion was so high that he began to trend for a good part of Tuesday’s morning. Another name that got people excited was that of producer Mark Ronson. The man behind several Grammy-winning Amy Winehouse and Adele albums, along with the one responsible for 2014’s biggest number – Uptown Funk, Mark Ronson’s set is hugely looked forward to. Flying Lotus and Mark Ronson can be found at Pune, Delhi and Bangalore.

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Flying Lotus (Image source: news.beatport.com)


Mark Ronson (Image source: lanadelray.wikia.com)

The biggest cheers for the afternoon was reserved for India’s biggest name on the line-up – A R Rahman who was announced as a headlining act for Pune, Delhi and Bangalore. While some might question the ‘indie’ cred behind the decision of including India’s most successful music director of all times, it’s only fair to acknowledge that Rahman is responsible for changing India’s music sensibility, for the better.


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The rock music appreciating cities of Shillong and Kolkata got metal giants Megadeth, just as we had predicted it. Not just metal, they’ll also have a taste of Bob Marley’s reggae with his former band The Wailers coming down to the two cities for their first Indian show!

The usual NH7 regulars which make the festival what it is are there in the lineup too with The Raghu Dixit Project, Madboy/Mink, Dualist Inquiry, Swarathma, Nucleya, Scribe, The Ska Vengers, Ankur & The Ghalat Family, The Bartender, Maati Baani, and Nicholson all spread out across the cities’ lineups.

There was some surprises as the evening came in with announcements that Baba Sehgal will be heading to Pune’s Weekender! We promise to give you a proper lowdown on the same.

Stay updated for our top picks from the NH7 lineup!

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