Never let the weeping sky keep you from having fun!

If you remember the Ed Sheeran concert that took place in March 2015, you know it started raining suddenly even though it was a sunny day. But this time around, the rain might be earlier than expected and that means you need to be prepared for those showers, especially at festivals and the camping. Read on to know how to be prepped:

1. Bags Are The Key


You need to find a good sturdy backpack that’s waterproof to keep all of your belongings away from the rainy weather and keep them dry. Please don’t think that a purse will be more functional because it won’t, the moment you open them the water will just seep in and bless that leather which will peel right off when exposed to humidity.

2. Keep Em Light, Bro


If you know there’s a chance for rain, don’t wear heavy clothing as it might trap the water and give you a serious case of the shivers. We’ve been through many to know. Instead carry a good waterproof jacket, it’ll keep you dry and won’t weigh you down. Also try to avoid wearing jeans, if there is mud around it’ll cling to the denim and won’t let go.

3. Prep Up Your Shelter Guys


Those tents need to be as prepped than anything else. In case you’re camping and there’s a possibility for rain, make sure your tent can withstand heavy wind with the use of tent stakes. Tents are usually made out of a waterproof material but the bottom can use an extra tarp to avoid a pool of water underneath. Keep plastic or zip-lock bags handy to keep all your electronics safe from the water, this is a necessity.

4. Chuck Those Cute Shoes


I know you feel like flaunting those new kicks that complement your look but they will get ruined on the wet ground, regardless of mud or the lack of it. Stick to some comfy jelly shoes or your trusted rain boots if you have any. Just don’t wear sneakers because the water will just fill them up and no one wants to experience that willingly.

5. Just Go With It!


It’s just rain! You need to remember that you’re here to watch artists and have a good time. Don’t fret over your clothes and getting dirty, everyone is floating in the same boat. But don’t be that person that wants to roll in the mud all day, just no.