Ultra Europe, Croatia is a beautiful festival destination, so The Sherp partnered with Skyscanner India and cooked up a budget for your convenience.

Though the complete lineup is not out yet, we expect many more killer artists to be announced soon! Until now, the lineup features big names like Above & Beyond, Alesso, Armin Van Buuren, Dash Berlin and Martin Garrix to name a few.


1. The number one step is checking ticket availability and getting yours ASAP as festival tickets disappear FAST!

A three day (July 15 to 17) General Access ticket to Ultra Europe will at this moment cost you €169 which is approx INR 12,500/-. Three day VIP tickets will cost you €299 approx INR 22,000/- which is a bomb. If you happen to be travelling in a group, Ultra has a limited time offer where you can buy 5 GA passes and get the 6th one for free bringing the cost down to €141 per person. Click HERE for more info. You can also get a combo of a GA festival ticket + access to any one of the multiple boat parties that Ultra host for an additional €10. Check HERE for more info. If you quickly head on over to Viagogo you also have a chance of finding a ticket at cheaper rates for eg; you can get a GA Pass for only INR 10,104/- right now.

Of course these tickets don’t give you access to wide array of beach parties hosted by Ultra before and after the actual festival. As details for most of these events are not out yet, you’ll have to head HERE to register for updates. One thing we do know is that these parties are insane so try to fit at least one into your schedule.

  1. Opening Party (July 14) – TBA
  2. Yacht Regatta (July 18) – TBA
  3. Ultra Beach (July 19) – €99 (INR 7500/-)
  4. Closing Party (July 20) – TBA


(Courtesy : Facebook/Ultra Europe)

2. There are several airports you can fly to in Croatia but it would best to fly to Zagreb which is their busiest airport. So stay glued to Skyscanner.

As always the cost of flights keep fluctuating according to dates, so the sooner you book it the better. Sign up for Skyscanner price alerts to keep an eye on the prices in the route.If you book your flights right now for July, the round trip should cost you a little over INR 38,000/- from Delhi or about INR 45,000/- from Mumbai. You could save a couple of thousand bucks if you travel locally to Delhi first and then catch a flight from there. On landing you can get onto a shuttle which you can pre book HERE. The festival shuttle pass will cost you about €30 (5 Day) approx INR 2200/- depending on your need. Click on the links below to get the best rates on flights via Skyscanner.

From Delhi


From Mumbai



3. Where you decide to stay can make or break your festival experience as you need a comfortable yet pocket friendly place to crash after all the hard partying.

Ultra has some great options for camping at their Beachville space. Renting a space (4 Nights) for 1-9 people will cost you €254 which is a little over INR 18,000/- per person if you make the smart decision to buy a combo of the festival ticket + Beachville. Campers have the option of either bringing in their own tent (as long as it meets the festival size standards) or rent a tent for two on the spot for €30 or INR 2200/- which is not too shabby. Staying at the Beachville also gives you a host of other advantages like exclusive access to a private beach with pristine waters, the party arena (open on festival days) which has both pre and post festival parties, a multi cultural marketplace where you can shop for some great ingredients and cook your own meals and so much more.

beachville map

If you wish to live in a bit more comfort, you can also get Rooms for €289 approx INR 21,000/- or Hostel Dorms for €259 approx INR 19,000/- per person. These rates are for 4 nights and inclusive of a GA festival ticket but remember you won’t get access to the Beachville parties. Room sizes vary and can accommodate 2 or more people depending on size and availability (rates may vary). You can also pay more and live in a Hotel or get an Apartment. For more information on accommodation click HERE.

For those feeling adventurous adventurous, you can also participate in the Ultra Sailing Week and live with a group of friends on a yacht with an experienced skipper during the festival period.


(Courtesy :  Ultra Europe)


4. Planning how much you’ll spend on food and drink is integral to a proper budget.

Though we can’t really tell you about the prices of Food & Beverages inside the festival, according to Budget Your Trip, you’ll end up spending HRK 100 approx INR 1000/- on food and water per day in Zagreb, as long as you stick to cheap fast food joints/street food or others in the same price range. If you wish to catch a drink, you’ll shell out not more than HRK 50 approx INR 500/- locally in cities like Zagreb or Split.

5. Croatia is a stunningly beautiful country so make sure you catch some of the local beauty before leaving.

Croatia has a wide range of lakes, beaches and historical architecture to witness. Make sure to set apart some time from the partying to travel around and expand your horizons.

(Courtesy : croatia.hr)


6. Final round up.

The trip to Ultra Europe, Croatia should cost you about INR 19,000/- (Festival Ticket+Beachville+Tent for 4 Nights) + INR 38,000/- (Return flight from Delhi) + INR 12,000 (F&B inside and outside the festival) + INR 2200/- (5 Day Festival Shuttle) = 71,200.

Be sure to factor in other costs such as tickets for the several additional parties hosted by Ultra before, during and after the festival, visa, miscellaneous expenses, sightseeing, local transport etc. before you go.

The Sherp wishes you a happy and safe journey!


(Courtesy : Facebook/Ultra Europe)