Ever wondered what UMF or Burning Man looked like back in the day? You’re in luck.


1. Ultra Music Festival Miami

Then (1999)

The first UMF took place on a Miami beach, with a quite the squalid setup. And today, it’s one of the biggest electronic music events in the world, spanning over countries and continents. The Ultra 1999 flyer gives you the major giggles, though.

Ultra 1999 - Ultra debuted in 1999 on Miami Beach with a modest setup

ultra Miami-Flyer-1999

Now (2014 – 2016)


2. Coachella

Then (1999)

Coachella lineups today still have the likes of Beck, Tool and RATM. Except, now there’s a whole dance music section added to it. What set out as a modest indie-fest has turned into a celebrity parade!

coachella 18x24 1999.eps

Now (2013-2014)

 3. Sunburn 

Then (2007)

Started out pretty modest, with some headliners that are still pretty fucking big even today. Sunburn is now India’s biggest EDM attraction, and rakes in quite a bit of moolah.

sunburn 2007 flyer

(Images via : Sunburn/Facebook)

Now (2014-2016)

sunburn people - the moneta


4. Glastonbury

Then (1970 to 1984)

Glastonbury was huge even back then, and Pilton Farm was as important as it is today. The Pyramid stage took shape in the 1970’s and became Glastonbury’s most iconic structures, still hosting the biggest names in the music industry.

Now (2012-2016)


5. Burning Man

Then (1986-1999)

As a communty-driven experiential event, Burning Man has hardly changed. Its venue and rituals are the same, with the art, costumes, art cars and theme camps getting more and more inventive by the year.

Now (2012 – 2016)



6. Tomorrowland 

Then (2005-2007)

In a short span of around 11 years, this music festival has turned from a relatively small dance music camping festival, into one of the world’s biggest and most sought after dance music events. I guess time changes everything.

tomorrowland 20051

Now (2014-2015)


7. Bonnaroo

Then ( 2002-2005)

The roo was as much of a big deal then, as it is now. Apart from the sketchy yet cool flyer art, check out the artists Bonnaroo was hosting!

bonnaroo 2005


Bonnaroo Music and Arts Festival

Bonnaroo Music and Arts Festival