Adele took some time during a gig to express her love for Rihanna’s new album and why she would miss out on watching her perform.

Rihanna is on a roll right now, what with her ANTI Tour and the recent announcement of her headlining the Sziget Festival. Her latest single “Work” is a huge hit and has people all over the world, including Adele, getting down to the tunes. It’s a known fact that Adele is a huge fan of Rihanna but according to the “Hello” hit maker, she won’t be attending RiRi’s concert when she tours the UK. The reason being that Rihanna’s concert is scheduled just the night before Adele is slated to headline the prestigious Glastonbury Pyramid stage.


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At a recent gig, Adele got candid with her audience and fangirled a bit over Rihanna by saying, “I love her. I’m thinking of going to Coventry to watch Rihanna because she’s playing Wembley the day before I play Glastonbury, and if I go to that, I’ll have no voice, I know it.” Though Adele said that she had imposed a ban on herself from attending cause she’d end up having too much fun, she did express her desire to attend. “All that weed in the air – I’ll get stoned. But I love her, honestly, all of that new album I love. I gotta try and go see her.”