Have you ever heard of an experimental and sustainable music festival?

Everything about Terraforma is downright beautiful, from the music to its very strong sense of sustainability. Held over three days in the forest of Villa Arconati, Milan, Italy Terraforma aims to bridge the gap between music and life. By involving artistes who have researched and studied ways to listen to sound at its natural frequency – thus creating a sort of balance between the sound made and its surroundings.


The very name of the festival is derived from the word Terraforming, which is a theory based on the creation of an atmosphere in one with nature. To put it simply, by using sounds that “reposition the man to it’s natural frequencies”, thus making the event a sustainable one from the production it creates to the equipment and installations made for the festival.


In that spirit, the intimate gathering pays homage to the best of techno, jazz, folk and ambient and thus features artistes like Donato Dozzy and Neul. The event is curated with a food market and has a very offbeat vibe to it, perfect with its surroundings.

terraforma1(Image Courtesy: Terraforma/Facebook)


As previously mentioned, experimenting is key to the gathering, with each performance is designed to seep into/relax into the environment.  If you do end up going for Terraforma, go with the least of expectations of what you are “bound” to hear and just go with the “flow”.

terraforma2(Photo Courtesy Adrianna Glaviano)

You should note, there are no major productions and elements you would normally see at a music festival. The artistes are relatively lesser-known, who play on ONE stage, accompanied by a simple wooden stand acting as the bar. The idea is to not only to respect nature, but blend in with it. Terraforma also has a small and modest camping area, with an attached workshop space nestled between the trees of the woods.

Taking place on June 12 to 14, Terraforma is truly an outwardly experience in the confines of nature.