These earbuds can change and modify the sound of live music. Say goodbye to bad sound mixing at music festivals. 

Doppler Labs have taken it upon themselves to change the way we hear live music. Out to outdo even themselves, their new wireless earbuds allow you to control your listening environment. Coined Here Active Listening System, this set of earbuds can be connected wirelessly to a smartphone app that allows the wearer to alter (and adjust EQ) of real-time sounds.


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Not just that, you can even remove or add effects like reverb, echo, flange, and even one that makes it sound like an old vinyl record. Ergo, you’re fundamentally constructing and modifying your own listening environment.

“With the Here Active Listening System we want to give you the tools to have the perfect listening experience,” said Doppler Labs CEO and Co-Founder Noah Kraft said in a press release. “We all perceive sound differently, but everyone has been to a concert where the audio wasn’t quite right or has been subjected to a long flight with a screaming baby. Here changes all that, giving control back to the listener by allowing you to curate what you hear and how you hear it. Our goal is to make it so you never have to deal with noise or a bad mix ever again.”