The Bonnaroo Arts and Music Festival has been one of the most exciting and enterprising festivals to showcase a well balanced curation of music and art from around the world. This year, on a 700 acre farm in Manchester, Tennessee; sprawled across more than 10 different stages, the Bonnaroo Arts and Music Festival is featuring artists like Mumford & Sons, Florence & The Machine, Flume, Odesza, Glass Animals, MØ, and Gramatik, among almost a 100 others!

While music might be just one aspect of the festival, The Sherp is here to show you some of the best art installations from the festival over the past few years:

1. “Metamorphosys Of A Star” – Okuda (2013)

Image Courtesy: Okuda Web Page

Image Courtesy: Okuda Web Page

Okuda’s funky art, with geometric and colourful motifs – served as the adornment for the Fountain at Bonnaroo 2013, which “changes its appearance every year”, but is intended for whatever YOU want it to be for. The vivid colour scheme and the patterning of the installation make it a view to be reckoned with from every single angle; don’t believe us? Take a look-see:

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2. The Art Cars (2015)

The Art Cars at Bonnaroo this year are big, bright, and very, very promising! The Walter Show is bringing back Kalliope, as well as the Big Red and their latest addition – Mirage! With art and décor that will appeal to every festival-goers aesthetic sense, these art cars also assure comfort to those that seek solace in, either the cushioned bed in Big Red’s Backseat, or if you’re looking for an adrenaline rush – find Kalliope and her three stories of lasers, LEDs, and flame effects sure to amp up your audio-visual experience. Mirage, on the other hand offers you the more ‘reflective’ experience – dubbing it an “abstract experience of the world by day, and ever-changing generative light show by night”

3. Sustainability Through “Planet Roo” (2014-15)

In keeping with environmental standards, and expressing concerns over the degrading status of our environment – sustainability has been a core value at Bonnaroo for the past thirteen years, multiple installations showcase the dire need to take charge of ecological conservation, and the adoption of a ‘greener’ way of life. In 2014, Planet Roo saw two installations that kept with the overarching theme of conservation and protection – and literally told its onlookers to take charge of their planet!

Known for its green-and-clean practices, Bonnaroo is supposed to be the “Greenest Festival”, and every festival-goer is provided facilities that are sustainable and eco-friendly, while also being taught to respect the environment and the atmosphere around them!


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4. “Fire Fly” – Randy Regier (2014)

Though Regier’s installation might seem harmless at first sight, The Sherp went ahead to figure out what made this installation a feature at Bonnaroo – The Fire Fly, is said to be a representative of a robot infested future, where this green, metal, one-man-craft is a representative of Regier’s collection of amusing, unsellable toys that might enable various sci-fi fantasies to manifest in the physical, although, not-so-real world.

Image Courtesy: Randy Regier

Image Courtesy: Randy Regier Web Page

5. Wall Art At Bonnaroo (2009-14)

Every façade at Bonnaroo, is almost always covered with various slogans, images, and other graffiti motifs that are enhancing aesthetically, and representative of a particular mindset of the festival goers!


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The wall art at Bonnaroo is open for public to add on to as well, most wall art at Bonnaroo is the result of scribblings and graffiti work of multiple individuals, unless the wall itself is an exclusive installation like the one below:

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6. The Bonnaroo Bobble Heads (2010-14)

One very funky installation piece that Bonnaroo possesses, is sure to be the Bobble Heads, scattered on the farm where the festival takes place – these are giant, sculpted, bobbly, bobble heads

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These bobble heads have been a feature at Bonnaroo for the longest time, creepy as that may seem – they are some of the most phenomenally intricate pieces of art at Bonnaroo and are always made relevant to issues of the world during the period the festival takes place!

7. “Time You Enjoy Wasting, Is Not Wasted Time” – INSA (2014) 

As one of the most intriguing and inspiring installations of the festival, the 2014-Fountain is an optical delight, with colours merging and diverging to create letter forms, and a string of these forms that eventually form the words, “Time You Enjoy Wasting, Is Not Wasted Time” – which is also the title of the installation created by Insa for the 2014 Bonnaroo Fountain!

Image Courtesy: Bonnaroo Facebook

Image Courtesy: Bonnaroo Facebook

Here’s to some of the best art at Bonnaroo, right from 2009 till date – The Sherp can’t wait to see what’s coming up this year, what about you?