Dr. Caldicott believes in harm reduction measures at festivals, instead of shutting them  down altogether.

In light of recent events at Stereosonic, where a 25-year-old festival goer lost her life along with several drug arrests, Dr. David Caldicott sheds some light on the benefit of harm reduction models at music festivals. This incident gave Stereosonic the same reputation that HARD Summer received, garnering much backlash and demands for the festival to shut down.

“I think prohibition is irresponsible — it’s puerile. It never worked for alcohol, doesn’t work now. If you find yourself at the bottom of a deep hole holding a spade and wondering how you got there, the solution is not to keep digging.” – Dr. Caldicott

Dr. Caldicott is an emergency physician and drug expert. He believes in that drug testing at festivals will help to dissuade young adults from taking substances and educate them about the content of the drug they wish to take.

“‘Don’t use drugs’ is perfectly acceptable for primary school kids and the people who aren’t already using drugs,” he said.

“But for this group of people, they’ve already decided to use drugs and we need to be far more nuanced in our approach to illicit drugs than we currently are.” – Dr. Caldicott

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(Source: Your EDM)