Next month at Kala Ghoda comes a festival dedicated entirely to the classic drape. Make sure to be there!

After two flagship editions in Delhi, it’s Mumbai’s turn to share in the love. This exciting festival showcases the saree, which is easily the life breath of the female wardrobe in India, and is worn by women all over the country in every shape and form. While there have been several platforms focusing on the saree in the past, they’ve only focused on one aspect of the versatile piece of clothing – either traditional or modern, classical or new age.


The Saree Festival puts together a holistic experience, bringing together an array of saree types. The first of these, of course, are the traditional sarees produced by weavers from different parts of India. The second, in contrast to this, is the interpretation of the structural form of the saree by designers. The third is the fun new addition of digital prints and graphics to sarees. This all-encompassing celebration of the saree is coming to Kala Ghoda, Mumbai on November 2-5, 2015.


The festival comprises of Saree Mela, an exhibition and sale of diverse saree collections, focusing predominantly on Pan-Indian handloom idioms. Saree ka Gunijan Khana, the theoretical and performance aspect of Red Earth’s The Saree Festival, hopes to bring together various voices and ideas around the saree.

The Saree Festival attempts to be this unalloyed, all pervasive love affair with the drape, in bringing together the vast richness of styles, materials, traditions, techniques, experiments, vocabularies, sensibilities, that can all achieve fruition under the never ending swirl of the Saree.”


(All images via: The Saree Festival)