Ahead of releasing her much awaited album, 25, Adele quashes rumours of a Glastonbury headline slot. People are definitely going to be disappointed, but it looks like there are some other pretty amazing candidates!

Adele has spoken several times about how large crowds make her nervous, this being the primary reason she does not perform at big festivals. Last year, watching Kanye West’s headline slot, she said “I crapped my pants at the size of the crowd.”. Reiterating this plainly put stance, she said at London’s Capital Breakfast Show, “I think I’ve made myself pretty clear on Glastonbury, the crowds are just too big – I don’t know if I could do it.”

People bet on Glastonbury headliners every year, and Adele seemed to have the best odds until now. But now it seems more likely that bands like Coldplay or the Foo Fighters may take up the mantle. Headlining the festival for the fourth time, Coldplay would make history. They’re also due to release their album, “A Head Full Of Dreams” in the coming months, which is reportedly going to be their last.

coldplay(Image via: i.ytimg.com)

The Foo Fighters would be returning after having to cancel their headlining set last year due to Dave Grohl’s broken leg, which means they’re a highly likely candidate as well. A number of bands and artists seem to be expressing the desire to headline Glastonbury, with Muse saying, “We’re all hoping we get to do it on this album. It’s been a while.” Rod Stewart and Leo Sayer have also mentioned they would like to appear on the special guest Sunday slot.