This year, Calton Hill in Scotland lit up for the Dussehra festival, and it looked pretty amazing.

With the number of Indians settling in countries all around the world, it’s only natural that popular Indian festivals are celebrated on a large-scale in these places. The Scottish Indian Arts Forum organised this celebration of the Indian festival, and by the sound of it, it was quite an exciting event.

(Image via: belperbalow/Instagram & petewands/Instagram)

Dussehra is the tenth day of the Navratri festival, and commemorates Lord Ram’s victory, and rescue of his wife Queen Sita from the clutches of Ravana, the demon king of Lanka. The celebration in Calton Hill as huge, and attracted thousands of people. With music, dance, food and of course, the symbolic burning of effigies, the festival celebrated the triumph of god over evil.

The night was an eclectic mix of Indian and Scottish cultures. While the focus was on South Indian classical music and dance, the pipes and fiddle performers of Scott Wood Band also entertained with lively Scottish folk music, along with performances by belly dancing group Twisted Tails, and Bhartiya Ashram from Dundee. There was also a children’s marquee with arts and crafts.

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