This moon-shaped tent promises to make your next festival camping experience spectacular.

The Hanging Tent Company just unveiled their latest glamping sorcery and it’s driving the internet wild. If you’re a festival camping aficionado with a soft-spot for quirky yet inspired tents, then this is perfect for you. The roomoon is a luxury camping tent that’s simple, durable and above all, portable. This will definitely make a statement at your next camping festival.


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Each tent is handcrafted from a sheet of lightweight yet durable canvas, designed and created by Rufus Martin as an a-level project at Bryanston School and now available to anyone who wishes to own it. The airy design of the tent– the wide, oval shaped windows and roomy interior– gives inhabitants room to breathe and allows enough light to enter. The tent is designed to collapse so it can be carried conveniently.


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As of now, the roomoon is priced at £3500, and upgrades include cushions, rugs, beanbags, and integrated LED lights. Keep tabs on The Sherp for updates.