The Starman has returned to the sky.

The death of the veritable champion of Glam rock may be absolutely devastating to us all, but let us remember what his life’s work has done for music over the past four decades. The multi-instrumentalist, songwriter, painter and all-round creative genius carved out his own musical niche, that no other contemporary of his could match. Lest, we forget his iconic androgynous appearance of the 70’s and 80’s – that blazing red hair and avant-garde make up of Ziggy Stardust shining through. This exuberant and unapologetic alter ego created quite the stir in its time and according to his biographer David Buckley “challenged the core belief of the rock music of its day”. However, Ziggy Stardust’s fearless flamboyance and rejection of conformity, gave people who shared the same fashion sense and associated sexualities the chance to celebrate themselves, making being weird or different ‘okay’.  Not only that, little did David know that he would be a hero and inspiration to some of the biggest musicians, artists and fashion designers in the times to come.


Bowie in his heyday, played at some of the most prestigious and iconic music festivals around the world. Performing his most popular anthems like “Starman”, “Heroes”, Memory of a Free Festival, “Space Oddity”… here are The Sherp’s favourite David Bowie festival moments and performances.

david bowie family man2(Image Courtesy : Redferns/NME)


1. Live at Loreley Festival, Germany, 1996

Watch a youthful, engaging and very charismatic Bowie deliver anthems like Look Back In Anger, Scary Monsters, Andy Warhol, The Man Who Sold the World, Under Pressure, Hearts Filthy Lesson in this powerful 1 hour 40 minute set in Germany, 1996. Dressed like the fashionable pirate he always was, Bowie stuns and wows the crowd.


2. Heroes at Live Aid, 1985

Performing one of his greatest and most notable hits at Live Aid 1985, Bowie easily commanded a crowd of 72000 people to jump and sing along with him. More than anything, Bowie’s truest talents was the attention he could demand from audiences with his pitch-perfect vocals and palpable on-stage energy.


3. Live at Glastonbury, 2000

Here’s a more soulful and sombre Bowie, entrancing his audience with his melancholic voice and incredible live versions of China Girl, Wild is the Wind, Changes, Life On Mars and Ziggy Stardust. Here you see him sporting one of his many infamous hairstyles, even at the age of 53.


4. Live at Glastonbury, 1971

In this rare appearance and recording at one of the first Glastonbury editions, you can hear a raspy David Bowie performing an acoustic version of ‘The Supermen’. This was recorded in a time when the festival wasn’t making much money and when organisers had to actually sell LP’s to pay off their debts. Of course David Bowie very happily donated this number, to help out the organisers at Pilton Farm.


5. Live at Hurricane Festival, Germany 2004

If the video below doesn’t stir up some massive nostalgia, then we don’t know what will. Bowie and his band’s rendition of All The Young Dudes, was a highlight of Hurricane Festival in 2004. Unfortunately and unbeknownst to the legend, he would later suffer a heart attack during the end of his set.