Sunburn is taking Star Wars fever to the next level by introducing an entire stage dedicated to the franchise!

The festival’s 2015 edition is coming at a time when Star Wars is all anyone can talk about, because of the record-breaking release of its latest installment, The Force Awakens. In a tribute befitting the scale of the series, Sunburn’s Star Wars stage will definitely bring the Force to life. The festival has promised “everything from Storm Troopers to Vader” at the festival.

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Everything about the stage will be Star Wars-related, with DJs playing special mixes using the theme, and the attendees will be fully incorporated into the setup. People will be dressed as Star Wars characters, from droids, to troopers and Jedi. The sci-fi vibe of the franchise, put together with some great electronic music is going to make this year’s Sunburn pretty damn amazing!