This film festival is something we need in India, ASAP.

Three incredible films are being screened in a brand new 3D experience at the Disney & Pixar Film Festival. In a festival that began on December 23 in Future World in Epcot, Florida, this tribute to Disney & Pixar might be small, but its definitely worth it. The animated shorts being screened are Get A Horse, For The Birds, and La Luna. Small scale film festivals like these are exactly what we need to appreciate the film-making genius of Disney & Pixar.

Get a Horse is an old Disney film, with Walt Disney himself as the voice of Mickey Mouse! It follows the adventures of Mickey and Minnie as they ride their horses and get into trouble. For The Birds is film about a flock of small birds perched on a wire, and their “clique-y mentality”. La Luna, on the other hand, is a heart-warming, timeless story of a young boy coming of age in the most peculiar circumstances.