This festival season is pretty jam packed with exciting things happening, and this week has definitely been quite eventful for the world of festivals. From politicans buying passes to the Bacardi NH7 Weekender to an awesome new stage at the Bacardi Enchanted Valley Carnival, The Sherp brings you the latest on festivals from around the world. Here are our top picks for the week:


1. Sherp Interview : Afrojack


“A good dance track isn’t just like a nice song, it’s also a sonic experience.” Read what Afrojack had to say HERE.


2. Arvind Kejriwal Bought Passes For Bacardi NH7 Weekender, Delhi!


According to Vijay Nair, Founder of OML, the Chief Minister, the Tourism Minister and the Deputy CM bought passes for themselves and their families. Read more HERE.


3. 13 Festivals In The Month Of December That You Should Not Miss


The end of the year might be approaching, but that doesn’t mean festival season is over. Know which festivals you can go to HERE.


4. 6 Indian Festivals That Will Take You On A Trip


The Sherp goes alternative with the idea of ‘trippy’ by bringing to you 6 Indian festivals that promise you unique trips of diverse kinds! Read more HERE.


5. Have You Heard Of This Otherworldly Festival Of Pink Moss?

pink moss

The Fuji Shibazakura Festival is a breathtaking display of nature in all its glory. Know more HERE.


6. 10 Things We Hope To God Won’t Happen At Festivals In 2016


Let’s leave at least some of these things behind in 2015. Read more HERE.


7. Shpongle Is Headlining An Awesome New Stage at BEVC!


This time, the Bacardi Enchanted Valley Carnival is featuring an underground music stage by The Soma Project, and it’s really something to look forward to. Know more HERE.


8. 10 Wacky Pictures That Display The Madness Of Music Festivals Perfectly

funny 10

Delve into the strange side of music festivals with these hilarious images. Check them out HERE.