Delve into the strange side of music festivals with these hilarious images.

Music festivals can be the craziest experiences of your life, a short but much-needed break from the daily grind. We have a compilation of some quirky and somewhat outrageous images that encapsulate the utter madness of music festivals perfectly. Take a look at them below!


1. This infamous UMF attendee who took the term “nature lover” too far.

Watch the full video of her intoxicated shenanigans here.

funny 2

2. This pretty thang. 

funny 1

3. That escalated quickly. 

funny 7

4. This adorable exploitation of loop holes. 

funny 3

5. This dick. 

funny 8

6. These gutsy gymnasts.

funny 6

7. This dark individual who got too real. 

funny 5

8. This total baller. 

funny 4

9. This little guy who partied too hard.

funny 10

10. And lastly, this man who just has too many feels.

funny 11