The good folk at the Storm festival 2014 have an exciting three days of  love, peace, music and nature planned for you! A little confused about how to get there and your staying options? Fret not, The Sherp’s festival guide will sort you out.

The Venue – How do i get there?
storm map

(Image Courtesy : Storm)

Well, as we have been insisting. This time’s Stormfields has been shifted to a much larger, greener (and nearer to Bangalore city) venue. Although, Stormers will have to arrange for their own travel  here’s a map that should make it easier to figure it out. Make sure to keep your google maps on, just in case.
The proximity of the venue ( a mere 30 KM away from the city) makes it possible for those of you who insist on travelling back to Bangalore every night.  Although we do recommend staying back and camping out.

camp out at storm

Well, the camps of course!

As an authentic and we mean authentic camp out festival, camping is the most interesting and integral part about the Storm Experience. The campsite will be located within the boundaries of the festival site, where stormers can book tents to stay during the festival. Regular and Premium Tents will be available. If you don’t mind spending a little bit more The Sherp definitely suggests you take up a Premium tent, including all the basic amenities  and more. Premium tent campers will have butler service, complimentary fruit baskets and breakfast, locker facilities and accommodation in the artist village on a twin sharing basis.

We cannot stress on it enough! The Camp Jam stage will be something to look forward to the most! Impromptu unplugged music and bonfires into the wee hours of the night. Woot!
MAKE sure you follow all the camp rules to make it safer and more comfortable for you.
WATCH OUT for some pleasant and exciting surprises the organisers have planned. Interactions with musicians, exclusive gigs….and something more?

Be STORMtrooper!

Stay connected: If you’re attending the festival with some friends, make sure you all have your cellular devices all juiced up. Finding reception while you’re inside, might be a little tricky so make sure you co-ordinate with your friends prior to the festival.

Stay comfortable: This is for you ladies. If this is your first time to a festival, be warned that there will be a lot of walking, jumping and running around involved. It would be wiser to come wearing comfortable shoes like flats or boots.

Stay Warm: Carry warm clothes, the nights will get chilly.

Stay Hydrated: There will be ample amount of water available at the festival.  Be smart and stay hydrated especially with all the dancing you’ll be doing.

Come prepared : The nearest ATM is 7km from the venue so please carry a good amount of cash on you.  Swipe machines will be only be available for you to use to buy supplies from Stormfields.

Stay Identified :So what if you look young for your age? You gotta prove it. Carry your ID/Age proof for that benefit. Also, keep your Storm Wristband on throughout the three days. Please note that you can bring your kids along, provided they do not enter the camping site. Entry for kids below the age of 10 is FREE FREE FREE!

Co-operate: No one’s restricting you from having a good time, but the festival comes with certain rules and regulations which are there for a reason. It’d be best if you stick to them, for your sake and others.

Stay smart :  While The Sherp does not condone or condemn the abuse of drugs, it’d be best to keep those nefarious activities out of the festival venue. Be warned, if you are caught with anything illegal you will solely be held responsible and handed over to the authorities. The same goes for alcohol. There will be plenty of it to go around but will not be served to anyone below the age of 21. Drink responsibly because any sort of unruly drunken behavior will get you thrown out. Plain and simple.

Stay clean : Take back whatever you bring with you and don’t litter. As a Stormer your expected to enhance the quality of the environment, not degrade it. Smoking cigarettes will only be allowed in the smoking zone.

Stay nice: Just relax and have a good time with your friends. Be good to your fellow campers as well – it contributes to the general vibe of the festival.

When: 31st January to 2nd February
Where: Stormfields, Corporate Leisure City, Gonighattapura village, Sarjapura Hobli, Anekal Taluk, Karnataka, India

There is so much MORE to discover at Storm. If you’re a newbie, wondering who to catch live, here’s a list of the sherp’s favourite artists you must check out. and a list of reasons why Storm is freaking awesome.

It’s not to late to buy your tickets. Get them here.