Just when you thought it was out of the news!

Whether it’s talk about Superstars like Zayn Malik and Alan Walker taking the stage or the debate on whether our homegirl Sonakshi Sinha should sing or not; The Purpose India Tour has been the most talked about music news in months! Besides, Coachella that is! Check out the event page here.

Now in yet another headline grabbing news, director of White Fox, Arjun Jain,  said in a statement, “With regards to inclusion of Bollywood stars, for music events of this stature which attract colossal media traction, it’s hard to shy away from the fact that Bollywood plays a very vital role in generating mass awareness and enhancing the global goodwill of the country. With regards to homegrown music artists being given an equal opportunity at such platforms most promoters try to inculcate an inclusive line-up that blends well with the expected target audience at the event.

With regards to the Justin Bieber India Purpose Tour, we do have a lineup that includes local DJ participation who do resonate well with the expected attendees at the event. However the Justin Bieber Purpose Tour follows a strict global mandate to not integrate any live act as part of the opening act as the focus should be on the headliner artist. As much as we would like to include a balanced lineup of music and film personalities we will need to adhere to the guidelines as laid down by the global management.”

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