This Holi weekend, The Sherp and his merry crew headed down Lavasa Lake City for a two-day debut music festival – The Lost Party. From camping to awesome food, eclectic music and a holi party held in a gorgeous venue, the festival turned out to be a good first effort, sans a few glitches.

Here’s our take on what went right and wrong at The Lost Party, 2015.




1. The location

The venue, which was a good 25 minute drive from the entrance of Lavasa was something out of a dream. Surrounded by a 360 degree view of rolling hills, it almost felt like you were hidden away from civilisation, which is always a good thing right? Also, the aforementioned 25 minute drive to the festival site was as scenic as ever, accompanied by glimpses of the picturesque Lavasa city and its equally stunning lake.

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2. Holi party

To kick of the festivities in style, the organisers hosted a Holi party for people who got there early on Friday (March 6) that featured a giant sprinkler, organic colours and lots of great music by B.R.E.E.D, Reggae Rajahs and Nucleya. The party was accompanied by the much anticipated Drunch (Drinks & Lunch) that served some pretty good Sangria!

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3. The camping

We absolutely loved the cozy camping site (organised by the guys at Let’s Camp Out) situated right next to the Woodstocking stage. Apart from having its own jam area, it came with all the essentials of the quintessential camping experience  – a bonfire, a hookah bar, a cigarette tapri and a food stall serving chai, anda bhurji and a bunch of other munchies.

Shoutout to Sid Cuotto, Rico Loop, Turbans from their awesome campfire jams!

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4. (Childhood) Experiences

From pillow fighting, beer pong, a ball pit , inflatable swimming pools to hen catching, bike rides, a hugging spot and ATV rides – there was tons of stuff to keep you entertained.

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5. Yolanda Be Cool and BLOT!

What we expected from Yolanda Be Cool was a carnage of club music (remember their massive hit We No Speak No Americano ?), but instead were served with a refreshing deep house set. BLOT really upped the ante with his banger of a set at the Boomerang stage on day 2 (saturday). Also, shoutout to The Twilight Players (remember the dancers from Dev D?) for entertaining us with their supreme dance moves.

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6. The daytime line-up

Believe it or not the daytime lineup of the festival was pretty kickass with favourites like DJ SA x Sound Avtar, Ez Riser, Dualist Inquiry, Reggae Rajahs and Martin Roth taking to the decks. We especially loved Trilok Gurtu and Ravi Chary’s sunset performance at the woodstocking stage.

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7. Howrah’s EPIC beef burger

Quite bravely defying the much-talked about beef ban in Maharashtra, Howrah’s served up some delicious and succulent beef burgers almost everyone was raving about. Apart from that, some equally satisfying shawarmas, momos and wok were also available at the food market.


8.  The afterparties were pretty damn good

Some would say The Lost Party after parties were more happening than the stage events. One the first day (friends of The Sherp) Audio Glitch and The Moon Roots Project tore up the silent disco arena, while day 2 saw an open air party with Baba Robijn, Twilight Players and Arsh khan.

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1.  Clashing sound

This was the most undesirable aspect of The Lost Party. Throughout the festival, there was a constant clashing of sound from both stages you could hear from wherever you stood. It was a bit uncomfortable to endure, for the entirety of the fest.


2. The venue wasn’t levelled

Even after working on levelling the venue, the ground needed a little more work in terms of how bumpy it was. Looking out for potholes, stones and sudden dips in the ground came in the way of walking casually around the venue.


Regardless, we’re already looking forward to the second edition of The Lost Party, which we’re sure will be bigger and better!



( All Images Courtesy : Jeethendra Saran)