The Bacardi NH7 Weekender Festival 2014 successfully (hell yeah!) concluded its first leg in Kolkata on November 1 and 2. And boy-o-boy, were Kolkatans happy or what?! The maddest, the happiest, the funnest festival made the city of joy go giddy with, err, joy.

Like every successful event, the Weekender had its oh-so-high highs and not-so-low lows. Here’s a list of the ayes and nays of the happiest music festival in town.


1. Plethora of artists: 39 different artists. 5 stages. Choose what you like. Like what you choose.

What else could one want?! Total win-win situation! – AYE!



2. The Venue

Nicco Park Grounds, thankfully is not in the middle of nowhere like Ibiza Merlin Greens where Weekender was held the last time. Though it was still pretty difficult getting back from the venue, still manageable. – AYE!



3. Bumping into your favourite artist

The upsides of walking around the venue is that you actually get to bump into your favourite artists, and going all fanboy/fangirl  on them. This happened.


Roy Mitchell-Cardenas of Mutemath with me in the middle. Granted it’s a hazy picture, but that’s something to show off to the grand kids. – AYE!

4. BhayanakMaut. Enough said.



And some more



Wait, I’m not done yet.


Ah. Damn space restrictions! – AYE!


5. Inspector Cluzo, the dynamic and mercurial Funk’n roll duo made sure they used permanent sticking charms inside our brains.

Inspector Cluzo

I swear that hair is transfixing!

Also, their stage act, apart from their antics, consisted mostly of abusing the hell out the British, their favourite words, as the so succinctly described, “Fuck the English”, pardon my French. – AYE!

6. The Chill Zone

Big Ups to OML and city artist Bobo on the artfully designed furniture, where people could place their butts to rest in between catching their favourite artists. – AYE


7. Fire/first aid/ security arrangements were top-notch

So top-notch that I literally heard three different people on how their kush got confiscated. Which apparently looked like this.


Besides, fire retardants and a fire engine along with a standby ambulance was kept in, just in case, something bad befell. Fortunately, it didn’t. – AYE!

8. The drone

 The coolest thing apart from half of Inspector Cluzo’s hair was the remote controlled drone(not like the ones the bloody Americans use to bomb Baluchistan), the festival’s own eye in the sky. And ‘twas pretty amazing, yes. – AYE!

Quidich Drone
(via : moody_relic/instagram )

9. And for the compulsive shopper:

Array of stalls catering to the urbane hispter, with everything from cool tee shirts and funky accessories for sale. Pockets became considerably lighter, but the hearts didn’t seem to mind one bit. AYE!


10. Bread and wine, i.e. food and drink:

While there were enough token counters and bars and counters set up at the venue, with people drinking their favourite tipples in glasses, cool mugs and big, red shiny buckets, the lack of beer was sorely felt. Bacardi being the primary sponsor doesn’t have a beer brand, so the lack of beer is understandable but not desirable. Beer is elixir. Almost. NAY!


11. The shuttle service didn’t live up to expectations

Though there was a shuttle service ferrying people to and fro designated spots, going back home from the event venue was definitely posed a problem for festival goers. NAY!

In all, the ayes were resounding, the nays not so much, the city happy, and eagerly awaiting for the Weekender to come again.