The Sherp introduces you to the popular Dirty artists of the music world.

When it comes to picking a moniker, some people can get quite dirty. No, we aren’t referring to names like DJ Blow and DJ Scratchatory Rape! We’re talking about DJs and other artists that, for some reason, wished to have the world ‘dirty’ play a significant role in their identity. But don’t be fooled, ‘cause these guys are talented fellows and you might just… absolutely love their music!

1. Dirty South

Okay, we all love Nutella an enormous amount but Dirty South aka Dragan Roganović has gone overboard with his obsession for this hazelnut chocolate spread! Won’t be surprised if his next track is titled ‘Nutella’.

But what really makes this Grammy-nominated DJ ‘dirty’ is his imprint – a small ‘d’. If you’re at a Dirty South live performance, you’re going to run into fans (hopefully the ladies) holding the sign ‘I want the d’. Well, his music is still balls out awesome though!

Must hear tracks: Walking Alone, City of Dreams, Open Your Heart, Halo


2. Dirty Vegas


This British house music trio has featured on quite a bit of television. Their track ‘Late Nights and Street Fights’ was used as the theme song for the FOX television drama series – Standoff. ‘Closer’ appeared on The O.C. while ‘Walk Into The Sun’ was featured on One Tree Hill. And not just television series; Dirty Vegas have also featured on the soundtrack for the movies Goal! and The Boys and Girls Guide To Getting Down.

Must hear tracks: Days Go By, Walk Into The Sun, Electric Love, Tonight


3. Dirty Audio


This extremely young and skilled trap artist based in Los Angeles toured India this August and even had a chat with The Sherp! Over the last two years, he has gained support from artists like Diplo, Krewella, Dillon Francis, Baauer and more. Certainly an artist to watch out for!

Must hear tracks: Fuck Dirty Audio (Original Mix), Savior, Annihilated


4. Dirty Dutch


Although not the name of an artist, ‘Dirty Dutch’ is a trend we couldn’t leave out. It is essentially a style of music developed by Chuckie. Dirty Dutch soon became a dance event organized by Chuckie in association with ID&T. And the event line-up consists solely of Dutch DJs! The name is now a music lifestyle and has its own record label – Dirty Dutch Music. 


5. Dirty Dike

Here’s a popular hip-hop artist from Cambridge, whose name as well music videos are dirty (in a crazy way!) Check out this track called ‘Pork Pie’.