On the eve of his gig in Mumbai, LA-based producer, D!rty Aud!o talks to The Sherp for a light & insightful interview!


Los Angeles producer and DJ Dirty Audio is bringing his unique sound of trap to India. Before kicking off his gig in Mumbai, the young talent speaks with The Sherp about his first trip to India, the potential of trap music in India and more…

 Sherp: So you are probably one of the first ‘Trap’ artists to perform in India. Do you think the genre has the scope to explode in the country?

Dirty Audio: Well I can’t really say, but I think it can find its own niche anywhere. Everywhere is different!

Sherp: This is your first trip to the country. What are you looking forward to the most?

DA: Seeing how the crowd reacts to my music. I’ve been in the studio everyday for the past few weeks so I’m excited to play these new songs out.

 Sherp: One thing you can’t leave home without?

DA: My phone. Always gotta have that iPhone!

Sherp: Biggest inspiration in your life?

DA: My family and friends. They’re always supporting me, it’s good to have that.

Sherp: Weirdest thing you’ve ever eaten?

DA: Airplane food.

Sherp: Biggest fail behind the console?

DA: Promoters got a broken mixer!

Sherp: Best moment behind the console?

DA: My first festival.

Sherp: What would you be if you weren’t an artist/musician/DJ?

DA: Definitely something in the music industry. I’ve never really seen myself doing anything besides music.

Sherp: If you had a superpower, what would it be?

DA: Flying, I’d fly to all my shows.

Sherp: Top 3 tracks on your iPod right now?

DA: Asap Ferg – Shabba

         Michael Jordan (LOUDPVCK Remix)

        Right On Time (Alex Young Remix)



1. What are you working on these days?

DA: EPs and remixes. Have a bunch of new music finished!

 2. Favorite Indian festival right now?

DA: Don’t know of any.

 3. Best or weirdest festival experience till date?

DA: I have one that’s bad, too bad for the internet (laughs)

 4. Festivals you’d love to play at and why?

DA:  EDC, just because I used to go there as a kid back in the day. Would be cool to play at one!

 5. Your take on India’s current festival culture and its potential?

DA: Well I can’t really say yet, haven’t played my shows here yet!


A big shout-out to LUCID for this exclusive interview!