It’s almost time for Glastonbury’15, and with all the buzz around Florence’s headlining set, the Sherp thought it best to look for the quirk, as work. Glastonbury has seen some of the most magnificent, energetically eclectic and eccentric costumes across music festivals, here’s our showcase of the coolest costumes at Glastonbury!

Costumes are not just for attendees of the festival, and while it may be that their costumes are innovative and amazing, performers, and other miscellaneous individuals have also made sure they catch some level of attention as they parade around the grounds of the Worthy Farm!

1. The Sky Guys 

Some serious costume commitment at this year's Glastonbury - Imgur

(Image Courtesy: Imgur)

Some people just know how to stand out, and what better way than to be the light in the dark? Fully equipped with LED Lights fixed into their costumes, and matching well, everything, these two guys were all over Glastonbury’13. With an offer of clear skies, and cloudy elegance, what more could anyone want?

2. Jessie ‘darfaydar’ J

Stormtrooper Jessie J CapitalFM

(Image Courtesy: CapitalFM)

Adorning the throne, is, Jessie J. She’s always managed to find that perfect balance between theme, and trend, costume, and outfit. While at Glastonbury’11, with a broken foot (if you look towards the lower right corner of the image), she performed in one of the most eccentric costumes we’ve seen on stage (barring Gaga’s choice of clothing of course) at the festival! The costume she wore was, as she puts it “a hench grey darfaydar (Darth Vader) looking boot & crutches.”

3. Ice Cold Souls

Really Cold War Veterans Reddit Iklegemma

(Image Courtesy: Iklegemma // Reddit)

These guys took ‘costume’ to another level, giving it a physical, and metaphysical significance. Their rendition of arctic explorers/frostbit old men, was quite the highlight at the 2014 Glastonbury Festival. One thing that the Sherp is taking home from them, is their longing to stay frozen, and still, during a festival that is so dynamic and ever-changing. Kudos to them, for giving us that life lesson.

4. Swag-Ma

(Image Courtesy: Alicia Canter via The Guardian)

It’s hard to discern the quality of innocence, that must most likely be associated with persons of such age, when they’re riding a motorised trolley of sorts and posin’, for their homies. This costume, at the Farm during Glastonbury 2013 is, quite honestly one of the most intriguing, and comically befitting testaments to the notions of cool and classy!

5. The Conscious Gang

Environmental Crew BaltimoreSun

(Image Courtesy: BaltimoreSun)

The costume frenzy was quite intense at Glastonbury’13, and this little gang hoping for world peace and prosperity was one of those that got sucked into the craze too. Paint, paper, glue, and many funky prints later, these guys were all guns blazin’ hopefully rooting for some eco-friendly festival revelry.

6. Badass Bronzer Baby

Post Apocalyptic Kid The Telegraph

(Image Courtesy: The Telegraph)

This child, was a hopeful post-apocalyptic during his visit to Glastonbury 2010! While some might say that the costume was, a little too awesome, we want to tell everyone – that this costume, is more than that. It lives up to it’s thematic sense, and it does not really warrant any arguments because it’s also a little too perfect!

7. George’s Clowneys

Clowns NME

(Image Courtesy: NME)

Clowns are just interesting. They make for some of the funniest, scariest, creepiest, and cute costumes, and this crew at the 2008 edition of the festival ensured a well balanced mix of all those adjectives and a whole lot more. The only thing missing, we feel, is that balloon wiener dog.

8. <3<3

Lovers DailyMail

(Image Courtesy: DailyMail)

Hearts are clichéd, yes. But these guys just didn’t care, their love blossomed even in that mucky sitch’ back in 2013. This costume, though not something out of the ordinary, epitomises something that Glastonbury stands for, and that love, and togetherness – is exactly what we’re feeling with these two here.

There’s our list, however, there obviously are a lot more costumes that just define cool that have been featured in various festivals, check them out here! But with the festival in a few days, we’re hoping to see lot more eclectic, nonsensical, crazy, and interesting costumes; there’s no disappointing us!