With a waterfront arena, exceptionally selected lineup and spectacular after parties, the 6-month old CRSSD Festival is back for its fall run this weekend.

An electronic festival that binges on quality-driven acts, rather than the usual group of crowd-swinging DJs is worth hooting for; given how much the genre is branching out into a niche of its own, discovering subgenres as it evolves in experimentation. CRSSD Festival at San Diego satiates this very idea, by putting together an electronic festival that proves not only to be a lot more intimate, but also as fun as an electronic music gathering can be. Set against the backdrop of the Southern California coastline, the festival might just become an electro-music lover’s paradise.


After a smashing debut in March earlier this year, enough popularity has earned a event a fall edition that is all set to take place from October 10 to 11, this weekend. We look at all the reasons CRSSD might be one of the best electronic festivals debuting this year!

The breathtaking location

With more music festivals competing for attention than ever, one of the higher scoring points for any festival remains the location. In that space, CRSSD does not disappoint. The festival is held at the Waterfront Park in San Diego, along the Southern California Coastline. Lined with palm trees, and swimming area, as the horizon gives company, the location is one of the bigger draws at CRSSD; as it plays host to the wonderfully sunny California weather.


Warm and intimate

Electronic music festivals usually churn out the most number of festival attendees, and with CRSSD festival’s popularity, the numbers will be high. But as opposed to the vulgarly high number at most house and trap electronic festivals that feature the most commercial names in the industry, CRSSD manages to retain an intimate spirit. This could be attributed to its nascent age, or to its highly selective music; but for people scouting for warm and exclusive gatherings of electronic music fans, CRSSD is a wonderful option.



The Fall Lineup


Let this be known –  the fall edition of CRSSD easily has one of the better selected lineups of the year. Featuring acts like Bonobo, Kygo, Panda Bear, Nicolas Jaar, Claptone, Todd Terje, and even going the alternative route with acts like The Flaming Lips and TV On The Radio, it’s easily one of the most well-balanced curatives of this year. The Sherp picks the top 5!


The trip-hop, smooth jazz savant, Bonobo is always a delight to listen to live. Having released some exceptional downtempo electronic music, his addition is bound to send cryptic vibes of chillwave across the CRSSD gathering.

Jamie XX

The producer and handler of all things electronic and percussion based on the Indietronic Brit band, The XX, has had somewhat of a dazzling electronic solo career, right from him resampling Gil Scott-Heron’s work in We’re New Here to his eponymous work in his debut solo EP, In Colour. The young producer is credited with being able to work around the synth and existing samples to create a myriad of ear-pleasing sounds, and from what we hear, he makes for a sound live act.

Todd Terje

The Norwegian producer is easily one of the freshest sounding acts in the disco scene, having made music that is at once, expertly handled, and catchy. Quickly climbing the ladders of live stage popularity, he stands to definitely be an act to look out for.

TV on the Radio

One of the funkiest acts in alternative rock, the eclectic and all-immersively diverse style of TV on the Radio has earned them an almost fanatical following. With the band exclusively exploring synth in their productions, they could churn out quite the surprise onstage.


Totally Enormous Extinct Dinosaurs, or TEED as they’re called, for the purpose of ease, will be the special guest at CRSSD, and we cannot contain our excitement. Even though he’s been one of the better acts to have come out in the indietronic circuit, he has, expertly, avoided the limelight. And this would be a festival appearance that would gather quite a bunch of his loyal fans.

After Parties

CRSSD has some really cool after-parties planned, as if the lineup could get any better. And they featuring DJ sets by acts like Goldroom, Cashmere Cat, Maya Jane Coles + Ben Klock, and Tiga, making sure the sun truly doesn’t ever set at CRSSD!


(All Images Source : CRSSD Festival Facebook)