Dance music fans will now be treated to a cinematic journey of Tomorrowland as the festival announces the release of its documentary, ‘This Was Tomorrow’.

Not all news in the EDM scene has been good, lately. First, TomorrowWorld was plagued with downpour, forcing the festival to leave several attendees stranded. The refunds of those tickets have hit a major financial blow to the parent company, SFX Entertainment. And much before that, Zac Effron starred in a movie about dance music called ‘We Are Your Friends’, that was not only panned by critics, but was largely disliked by EDM fans everywhere in the world.

As a welcome respite, Tomorrowland has announced the release of its much awaited documentary, with a release function designed in true, pompous Tomorrowland style in Belgium. The movie, a documentary about the journey of Tomorrowland is all set to be released worldwide on November 26, but before that there will be a magnificent screening in Belgium, that will be supported by The National Orchestra of Belgium.

Dance music culture is at the very height of it popularity, and with Tomorrowland itself releasing a movie documenting its insane following, it’s bound to earn the culture many new rightful admirers. We, for one, cannot wait to watch.


(All Images : Tomorrowland Facebook)