As the NFT scene has started exploding, many people have started appreciating digital art. And people want to collect digital art, but prices are booming too. But fear not, before NFT was a thing, TCG games were the best means of owning art.

And when online TCG games started to pop up on PC the popularity only rose. Now as mobile phones become more powerful every year, new TCG games with better graphics come to the market.

TCG games you can play on mobile


The hearthstone TCG game is based on the WOrld of warcraft MMO series of games. Blizzard has done a great job developing the game, the 1v1 battles are really great, and there are 100s of cards that you can choose from.

Every player will be different as you can make4 your own deck, this unlocks endless possibilities.

The Elder Scrolls: Legends

Similar to hearthstone the Elder scrolls legends is base on a popular online game called The Elder Scrolls. The game features more or less all the characters available in the original game.

It is one of the best TCG games out there and you won’t regret downloading it.

Pokemon TCG

This list wouldn’t be accurate if we didn’t mention the top TCG game ever created. Pokemon TCG community is the largest in the world and the online game is an even better addition to it.

The game features all the Pokemon TCG cards and will have you hooked to the game for hours. Th gameplay is pretty great and if you’re a poke fan you should definitely check this game out.

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