Here’s another wonderfully controversial incident that went down at Glastonbury 2015.


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Kanye West is known to (how do we put this delicately?) speak unthinkingly and sometimes so impulsively, you’d think his frontal lobe was damaged (we tried). Whether he actually believes all that he says or is on some kind of peculiar thought altering hallucinogen, we have no clue.

What we do know, is that Peter Townshed of The Who threw some major shade at Kanye this weekend and basically called him out on his BS.

After West boldly – and ever so modestly – proclaimed that he was the “greatest living rockstar on the planet”, Peter Townshed, on stage during his set, suggested that Kanye needed to be sent home because in actual fact, he isn’t the world’s biggest rockstar. Whether this implied that Peter himself was the actual biggest living rockstar or he simply wanted Kanye to shut the hell up, is debatable. And since the internet always has something to say about everything, here are a few note-worthy (or not) opinions.  

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