Since the inception of mobile gaming, hyper-casual games have been a dominant force on the play store and the app store. These games generally do not require a flagship-level mobile phone, even the low-tier mobile phones run these games smoothly.

Hence the hyper-casual gaming market soon saw a massive popularity boost, nowadays almost every mobile phone has a game in it. So we decided to give you some more, we made a list of the best hyper-casual games out there!

Best Hyper Casual games

Sling Birds 3d

Sling Bird’s 3d is a game developed by Voodoo, the company is synonymous with its hyper-casual games. . The premise is pretty simple, you have a sling, and you shoot birds.

Though the description may sound a bit off, the execution is pretty neat.

Smashers i.o

Do you like smashing stuff? Then this is the game for you, it combines smashing with the i.o genre to give you a masterpiece. The goal is simple, there’s an arena, you have a hammer, smash your opponents, grow bigger. Keep repeating this until you’re so big that no one can beat you!

Stack colors 3d

This game is soothing, to say the least. In stack colors, you stack colors as much as possible. The higher you go the higher your score. The colorful and funny graphics of the game make an ideal game to be played when you’re commuting or just want to kill sometime

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