As the mobile gaming market increases day by day, the demand for newer games also increases. There are many categories on playstore to choose a new game from, one such category is clicker games. These games are easy to play and need you to only tap on the screen.

The concept though being pretty rudimentary, the execution on some games is so great that you’ll forget it is a clicker game.

3 Clicker games for mobile

Egg, Inc.

This game has become a classic ever since its release, the game has minimalistic graphics due to which almost any mobile phone can run it. The story is pretty great, you hatch eggs and try to build an empire!

Tap Titans

Tap titans is arguably one of the best games on the play store. The story follows our main character who is defeating monsters. The world has been overrun by these fowl creatures and your goal is to defeat every last one of them.

As the story progresses you can unlock newer heroes for your help. The game has been featured on the play store more than 57 times!

Dragon Ball Z: Legends

Some might argue whether DBZ legends is a clicker game or not because it involves various other features too. But the core mechanic of the game is top tap while fighting so it is a clicker game.

It is undoubtedly the best clicker game out there and the best Dragon Ball game ever created for mobile. The devs keep updating the game to add newer characters and the graphics of this game rival the likes of console games!

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