Young Thug along with his slimy associates of young stoner life records recently released Slime Language 2 which you might say is the successor to Slime Language 1 in some regards. The album was released on April 16th, 2021 which seems like a long time ago now.

The expectations from this album were high, to say the least, with Young Thugs’ firey features on Travis Scott and Chris Brown’s tracks, people expected more from him.

The album starts off with a great song in which Young Thug is at his best, the beat feels great, the vocals are crisp, overall a good song. But from then on most of the songs are pretty mediocre. Gunna is almost non-existent in this album with his weak delivery and absolutely stupid lyrics.

Lyrics haven’t been the strong suit of these rappers and we won’t give them a hard time for it. But atleast the beat selection and flows should be decent. The flow on this album, especially from other smaller artists is pretty generic. Except for Thug’s distinct voice, almost everyone sounds flat. The autotune on some songs is unbearable.

The beat selection is pretty off too, most of the beats feel like those free-for-profit beats that you get on youtube. Greater things were expected from this collab.

But there are moments where the album shines, especially on the song with Travis Scott. Drake’s feature also falls flat with little to no substance, only generic flows which we are tired of hearing now. And if that wasn’t enough, the album is 1 hour long!

Travis Scott’s Jackboys collab is far superior to this one. Let’s hope Thug brings his A game in his next album.

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