The Role-Playing Game or RPG genre of games has seen a massive boom in popularity in the mobile phone market. People are playing RPGs more than ever. Almost every new mobile phone can now run great-looking Rpg’s easily hence the player base has increased significantly.

So went through all the best RPS games that we could find on mobile and came up with these 3 top-tier games.

Mobile RPGs


MIR 4 is a massively popular franchise that has been steadily garnering its player base over the last decade!

The game is the first one developed for mobile-only and is very well known in east-Asian countries such as China and South Korea. The game has many unique features one of which is character customization.

You can play as any class you want, with almost unlimited weapons to choose from, you won’t get bored in the slightest playing this game.


V game is a semi-open world RPG in which you play as the main character Delia. Invaders from parallel universes are trying to wreak havoc, you have to defend earth against these invaders.

As you slowly progress through the game you’ll uncover a various secret which keeps you engaged, the graphics are top-notch. Definitely, a must-play for RPG enthusiasts.

Blade Of God 2

Blade of god 2 is a direct sequel to the original blade of god games. This Mobile RPG is arguably one of the best the mobile platform has ever seen. The story is set in the Norse kingdoms where you battle gods!

The mechanics and graphics of this game can’t get any better, this game is the best RPG experience on mobile.

We also Recommend UFABET as the most played game.

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