Casual games are games that don’t require much attention and powerful hardware to be played. These games are made with simple yet beautiful graphics and are great for playing to pass some time.

The games listed here are some of the best casual games according to us.

Best Casual games

Golf Mania

Many people don’t like golf games just because of their slow-paced action. But Golf Mania feels like a totally different game. The gameplay is fast and action-packed with real-time PvP battles and different game modes.

There are multiple golf courses to choose from and the dev team keeps adding new features to them.

Pico Tanks

Chubby graphics and deadly tanks are a great combination, Pico tanks is a one-of-a-kind Multiplayer game where you are thrown into an arena full of tanks. Shoot them, kill them, win the battle!

The game has various different modes including team deathmatch and real-time PvP.

Grand Mountain Adventure

You have to play grand mountain adventure to experience how great it is. It is undoubtedly one of the best games available n mobile devices. The graphics are on par with indie games and the gameplay is smooth t

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