There were panels, there were all sorts of whack, and then, there were those dedicated souls that turned up in the best possible imitative costumes at the San Diego Comic Con 2015, and having already seen some really intense cosplay at previous comic cons, this year, the ante really did up itself. 

Here’s our pick on some of the best cosplay at SDCC 2015, time for you to be awestruck in 12 different ways more than 1; *drum roll*:

1. The Harlequin

Jesters Blastr 14

(Image Courtesy: Blastr)

2. Mysterious Mystique

SmurfKiller TimeDotCom :: WordPress 6

(Image Courtesy: TimeDotCom // WordPress)

3. Some intense Mileena vs. Kitana action

Blue Hair TheMalayMailOnline 7

(Image Courtesy: TheMalayMailOnline)

4. “Hello Chewbacca, let’s pose” – Princess Leia

Chewbacca Telegraph 4

(Image Courtesy: The Telegraph)

4. “Shame, Shame……..Shame” 

Game Of ThronesPopSugar 19

(Image Courtesy: PopSugar)

5. Mario got a little big at SDCC this year

Mario Blastr 14

(Image Courtesy: Blastr)

6. The Mad Hatter really did pull off crazy at the convention

7. Destiny’s Guardians

Destiny Mirror 23

(Image Courtesy: The Mirror)

8. Tusken Raider, raiding.

Crazy SuperHeroHype 20

(Image Courtesy: SuperHeroHype)

9. The Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles showed up in full swing

TMNT Blastr 11

(Image Courtesy: Blastr)

10. When Fantastic 4, met Maleficent, Black Widow, and somewhere along the way, O-Ren-Ishi

Group MyDaytonDailyNews 2

(Image Courtesy: MyDaytonDailyNews)

11.  Hellgirl nailed it with her costume

HellGirl PopSugar 18

(Image Courtesy: PopSugar)

12. And so did Spock

Spock Blastr 12

(Image Courtesy: Blastr)

13. Cap’n Spidey mixed it up just the right amount

Captain Spider ComingSoon 8

(Image Courtesy: ComingSoon)

14. An unmasked Spectacular Spidey and her companions

Group NBCBayArea 3

(Image Courtesy: NBCBayArea)

15. And finally, Optimus Prime, who quite honestly, stole the show

Optimus Prime IO9 24

(Image Courtesy: IO9)