Festivals have been a source of inspiration for thousands of people, but for Andrew “Dirty Santa” Wyatt, the Burning Man experience made such a profound impact, that it completely turned his life around. 

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Inspiration has the potential to strike anyone, anywhere, and in whatever manner it finds best – one outstanding epitomisation of that lies in the story of Andrew Wyatt, a former “southern-baptist preacher” turned photographer/photojournalist.

Andrew Wyatt

(Image Courtesy: Brendan Moore // YouTube)

When he first visited Burning Man in 2002, Wyatt did not know what was coming, he dove in, and cherished the experience to the fullest of his abilities, equipped with camera and much-needed spirit – he took some wonderful photos, and until he actually saw what his framed and well trained eye captured through the camera, he did not realise his potential as a photographer. He aptly expresses himself, stating

“But something happened that trip—it helped fire long blocked energy and passion. Never before had I reali[s]ed I might have a talent for photography.”

Ever since, he has been documenting festivals all across the States, and writing, as well as providing images to various papers and news agencies of every festival he has been to – and has never looked back at his religious roots, having found something that provides fuel to his ‘burning’ passion.

Even though Wyatt has a mild version of cerebral palsy (owing to an incident at birth), which limits his motor functions on the right side of his body, there is nothing that has hampered his journey to adapt, flourish, and take some of the most breathtaking images that you could ever, possibly lay eyes on. Wyatt’s story might not be the only one, but it is one that sure does stand out, he made the best of whatever he could, he took every opportunity that came his way, and never stirred.

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This is what he has to say about his journey, and The Sherp, is in complete awe.

“I may have lost my religion, but I found my mind and soul.”

Take a look at some of his photos below, and check out more here!

(Sourced: The Elephant Journal)

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(Images Courtesy: Elephant Journal)