Following some of the legendary headliners at Glastonbury like Paul McCartney, David Bowie, The Smiths and U2, bookmakers have a new favourite among prospective headliners in 2016, and its Adele.

Rumour has it that Adele may be the 2016 Glastonbury headliner, having been listed at even money. Her long-awaited third studio album may be coming out any day now, so there’s no reason to believe she isn’t a likely candidate. Punters have piled onto her odds, and with tickets due for sale in a couple of weeks, it is possible that the reason for heavy betting is that festival organisers have let the name slip.

In the surge of bets that have come into Ladbrokes, a UK-based betting website, another hot favourite to headline Glastonbury next year are The Foo Fighters, after they had to pull out last time because of Dave Grohl’s broken leg. Some of the other favourites are Coldplay, Blur, AC/DC, Radiohead and Prince. Take a look at some of the top favourites in the list of odds from Ladbrokes:

Foo Fighters- 4/5
Adele- evens
Coldplay- 2/1
Blur- 5/2
AC/DC- 3/1
Ed Sheeran- 3/1
Oasis- 3/1
Prince- 3/1
Radiohead- 3/1
Fleetwood Mac- 4/1
Pink Floyd- 4/1
Sam Smith- 4/1
Bruce Springsteen- 5/1
Kate Bush- 5/1
Led Zeppelin- 5/1
Muse- 5/1
Rihanna- 5/1
Elbow- 6/1
Lady Gaga- 6/1
Stone Roses- 6/1
The Libertines- 6/1
Mark Ronson- 8/1
New Order- 8/1
Depeche Mode- 10/1
Madonna- 10/1
Neil Young- 10/1
Royal Blood- 10/1
Taylor Swift- 10/1

Adele has never really played at a large-scale music festival before, and she revealed this was because of her fear of anxiety attacks. She did perform at the iTunes Festival in 2011 though, so take a look at a couple of the songs in her set: