There will be a Sunburn 2016, no matter what.

If you haven’t been living under the rock for the past month or so, you would have heard that the Goa Government has been playing around with the idea of banning EDM festivals during the peak season. You would think India’s most beloved EDM festival ‘Sunburn’ could run into rough waters, but Harindra Singh, chairman and managing director of Percept Limited, tackled the subject in the best way possible when interviewed by the Times of India.


When asked why they opted for the same dates as every year instead of shifting the dates, he said that Sunburn is a calendar event and they haven’t changed the dates since its launch in 2007, not even when dates didn’t coincide with a weekend. He further added that fans plan their visit to Goa in advance and any subsequent cancellation would cause them inconvenience.

Although he admitted that Goa has contributed to Sunburn’s success in a big way, Sunburn in turn has contributed to brand Goa. After all, it has been ranked as one of the biggest EDM festivals in the world. He also went on to elaborate the administrative hurdles they had to face while obtaining permissions, but it all paid off because they received huge support from the public and state machinery.

Another point he did not hesitate to talk about was how they have been getting offers from different states to conduct EDM festivals and these states have even been willing to pick up some part of the expenses in exchange.

Moreover, there have been rumours that the Goa state legislature might ban public drinking and impose a fine of any amount between Rs 1,000 to Rs 10,000 on anyone who’s found guilty of drinking in a ‘no alcohol consumption zone’.

What is left to see is if Sunburn will take place in Goa this year or move to greener pastures, literally. But we know one thing for sure; wherever Sunburn might take place this year, it is going to stand by its tradition of being nothing less than EPIC!