Turns out, attending all those music festivals is actually beneficial to your mood and your mind!

When in the midst of a music festival, there are those pure moments of euphoria when a certain feeling takes over and you feel the goosebumps kicking in. There are a lot of factors playing around at that moment which make you feel this way. Let it be the music, the atmosphere or even the energy that everyone gives off in the crowd. Everything culminates into the perfect moment to give you that feeling of happiness! And now, there is proof.

Credits: timeout.com

A scientific study that was recently done in Australia and published in The Psychology of Music showed a connection between people’s levels of happiness and whether they’ve attended music festivals or not. The study, which was done on a group of around 1000 people, doesn’t say concretely that you’ll be happier if you go to music festivals but that there are certain biological factors at play when you do! 

The phenomenon of shared energy at festivals is attributed to what French sociologist Emile Durkheim calls “collective effervescence.” It’s basically the phenomena of people unknowingly communicating through a common exhilarating activity!

Even when you’re at a house party and everyone is losing it to the beat, this same factor kicks in and makes you want to be a part of the action too.

This just gives you one more reason to get off of your couch and head to a music festival to soak in the positive vibes.