Thank you Twitter for this unlikely friendship that we’re dying over.

With one having the boldest voice in the industry and the other being a world-renowned martial arts fighter, it’s no question that Freddie Mercury and Bruce Lee are poles apart. They’re so uniquely different that no one would even peg them as friends right? But as always there’s an exception to that rule.

Japanese twitter account holder Atto Sukichiii, with @suekichiii as his official twitter handle, has created what could be termed as the next BFF goals of the internet (and here you thought Tumblr was cooler). The updates on the site show action figures of the duo battling various funny and quite odd challenges in their lives. Well nobody said it’ll be easy!

The page has over 16,000 followers and is increasing by the minute with scenarios varying from the two trying to escape Predators to getting into trouble with Mace Windu from Star Wars! They’re quite fond of alcohol too. Some of the picture stories also show both men doing things no one would ordinarily associate with them. This fun account was created by the Queen fan who combined his love for both the stars.

The collaboration proves that people don’t need to limit themselves to one thing in particular but rather branch out and create something unique and interesting which might end up being huge, exactly like this page.

The user also does that same with other action figures and has a knack for it too! It’s an absolutely must follow. Go follow him NOW!