Ever since he was released from jail early, 6ix9ine has been making noise. Just a couple of days after he git bail, he dropped a song and another after a week or so. It only shows that he was a free man now, and his history won’t affect him in any way going forward.

But many industry giants thought this wasn’t the case, eventually, 6ix9ine will pay the price for ratting out his gang. 6ix9ine alone took down an entire gang by cooperating with the federal authorities of the USA, due to which he got state-sponsored protection.

In street life those who snitch are considered traitors and the worsts in store for them. But 6ix9ine doesn’t seem to take it seriously at all, his bold and brash behavior still continues to this day. He regularly keeps taunting his haters and critics alike even going as far top giving away his location on Instagram.

But nothing bad is happening to him, this guy jumped with 2 million dollar chains in publifc without any protection. This only goes to show the state of the induustrty, no one out there is real and no one is fake, it is a standard set by a select group of people.

But the thug life isn’t good, and young kids inspired by it, 6ix9ine was one of them. Regardless, 6ix9ine being safe and sound has proved all the so-called industry experts and Real Rappers wrong!

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