Yes. DJs setting world records is a ‘thing’ now. When Dada Life broke the largest pillow fight record and Calvin Harris for the most ‘number ones’ on an album, looks like the zany Steve Aoki drew some inspiration.

Steve has broken not one but two records! And neither of them have anything to do with cakes or jumps or champagne! One’s for the longest crowd cheer and the other for having an audience to show the most amount of glow sticks in 30 seconds! It might seem frivolous, but hey, it’s a friggin Guinness World Record!

It goes without saying, Steve Aoki could not have done it without the audience! Check out this 2-minute video of people screaming their lungs out. You might want to adjust the volume on your device before you watch this:


So what record is going to be broken next? Most number of people on shoulders in the crowd? Longest confetti shower? Tell us what YOU would like to see!