Just a few days back, reports surfaced about Spotify being in talks with Soundcloud to acquire them. Now, it seems clear what they intend to do.

News just got out that two of the biggest music streaming behemoths, Spotify and Apple Music, are looking to include Soundcloud’s biggest USP – unofficial mixes and remixes. Basically all the stuff that isn’t backed by major music labels.

Both the streaming platforms have started hosting unofficial single track remixes which is what Soundcloud has been famous for. Soundcloud was the perfect platform for budding artists and producers to showcase their work in front of a wide audience without worrying about being endorsed by big names. The shift in this new direction is due to their recent partnership with Dubset, a company that manages music rights and distribution. 

Credits: highlightmagazine.com

The first remix to hit Spotify is DJ Jazzy Jeff of “Room in Here” by Anderson Paak. This just goes on to show that the shift has started. Dubset’s CEO Stephen White has revealed, “Mixes are coming next!”

Though record labels have resisted unofficial mixes due to licensing and piracy, Dubset uses a scanning software to properly identify music notes and match them to existing samples. The service enables them to properly allocate royalties to rights holders based on plays.

Good days await us all!