A love so strong, we can’t help but get a little teary-eyed. 

It hasn’t been too long since Prince left our abode and took flight to a happier place. As much as we miss him, it still doesn’t match up to what his pet doves feel. After he died, his two pet doves, Majesty and Divinity, went silent.

“After he passed, they weren’t talking. It didn’t feel the same…”, Prince’s sister Tyka Nelson told the TODAY Show’s Al Roker, who was in Chanhassen, Minnesota recently ahead of the Paisley Park tour opening. “So when I first came in [to Paisley Park after Prince’s death], I was like, ‘Where’s the doves? What’s going on?’ [His staff] said, ‘They’re up there. They’re just not talking.’ I said, ‘Well you need to play some Prince music.'”. 

This isn’t the first time nature has responded to Prince’s death. Just hours after his death, a rainbow briefly appeared in the skies above Paisley Park, his longtime recording studio as well as his primary residence.

On Thursday, Paisley Park was opened to fans as a museum for the first time since his death in April. People got to Additional tours will be held today (October 8th) and on October 14th. The guests were taken through recording and editing studios where Prince created much of his work as well as rooms representing different eras in Prince’s career, each featuring various stage costumes and instruments.

As for his doves, we hope they recover soon and their sound chimes across the hallways, just as Prince would want it.