No one messes with  Coachella.

Coachella is sueing indie fest Hoodchella over trademark infringement.

L.A. based Hoodchella Underground Music Festival was served with a lawsuit from Coachella organizers last Thursday. Coachella, in their lawsuit, claims festival infringes on their trademarks, creates unfair competition and dilutes their brand. The 2015 Hoodchella lineup had over 60 artist from around the world perform in a 16hr span. This year their submission rate has risen to over 4000 music submissions resulting to a two day expansion on April 8-9 with over 100 independent artists.


According to Billboard, Coachella is seeking at least $100,000, in addition to the injunction, attorneys’ fees, the surrender of Hoodchella’s domain name and other damages from Hoodchella organizer Kamil Al-Ahdali. Hoodchella has taken to Twitter to respond to this by promoting a petition created by Chasity Londyn, stating, “we are not in anyway [sic] associated with coachella [sic] and we have never been associated with golden voice, AEG, or Coachella. It’s clear that our fan base knows we are two completely different establishments being that we already gained a fan base from our past underground art and music shows.”