The next time you’re up for some smart visually-arresting totems at a music festival, these ten indian personalities would be a good fit, for different reasons.

Totems are characteristic music festival accessories, signage that are as much about self-expression as they are about some clever pun-delivery. And totems that bear faces of people are just the most popular visual accompaniments at a music festival. From Obama to Oprah to Trump to the Queen, most popular global personalities have made it to the famed music festival totem.

Since the Indian music festival scene is on such a high, we think it’s time some of our Indian personalities made it to the signboard. And we have just the best list of 10 personalities that will tell the viewer everything they need to know about you.

1. A body-bending Baba Ramdev totem – to display your flexibility in the sack

If there’s one totem that’ll show people that you got the moves, it’s this one.

3859039(Original image:

2. A Narendra Modi at the airport totem – to be clear that you’re willing to cross the seven seas of love

For someone who travels and never stops, this totem will guarantee your benevolence for love and how you are willing to travel far and wide to be in the arms of the person you will fall in love with at a music festival.

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3. A batting Sachin Tendular totem – because you’re made for the long innings

Since you bat for the long run!


4. A Priyanka Chopra totem – since you’re just as good at home, as you are outside it

This one’s a no-brainer. You’re just like Priyanka Chopra, just as good at what you do at home, as you are outside. Just not as beautiful, popular or rich.

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5. A scarfed Kejriwal totem – because you’re all warm and cuddly this winter

Since India’s music festival season is winter dominated, your Kejriwal totem, with its characteristic scarf, is a signal to the warmth you carry with you. In your heart.

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6. A Yo Yo Honey Singh totem – showing you can get down and dirty

Your sexual desires are pretty much akin to Yo Yo Honey Singh’s raps – dirty and expletive-filled.

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7. A Sunny Leone totem – to remind people to stay classy

Given Sunny Leone’s rather graceful take-down of a very misogynistic interviewer, this totem will remind people to keep it classy. Really important at a music festival, if you ask us.

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8. An A R Rahman totem – because your priority is music and that alone

Leave no doubts, you’re there for the music, and you care about little else.

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9. A Mary Kom with boxing gloves totem – to show that you would punch any creep who’d try to act fresh

Creepy people at a music festival are aplenty, and this Mary Kom totem will no doubt

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10. Your best friend’s weirdest selfie on a totem – because you’re a horrible person

There is no better a way to burn your best friend than by carrying a totem of their face.

Greg Bowser 4(Credit: Greg Bowser | Festival Sherpa)